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Having dental anxiety can make a person be more at risk for oral health problems. With the help of dentistry advancements, patients who suffer from dental anxiety can find peace and calmness in the dental chair through sedation dentistry. 

During the dental appointment, the patient feels relaxed due to sedation dentistry. A person will feel less aware of his surroundings when put under sedation. Although this is the case, the patient is still able to respond to nudging. 

Your Newmarket dentist uses the following sedation methods:

Oral sedation

The patient takes a pill that will make him tired, but you are still awake. In most cases, the patient consumes an hour before performing the procedure. 

IV sedation

Through an injection into the veins, the sedative drug takes effect more quickly. By adjusting the IV sedation levels, the dentist can ensure a comfortable experience for their patients.

Inhaled minimal sedation

Inhaled minimal sedation allows the patient to inhale nitrous oxide, which helps them relax. In addition, the dentist can determine the level of sedation the patient receives.

General Anesthesia

Among the sedation options available, general anesthesia makes the patient sleep deeply. The patient is unconscious during the procedure. When the effects of the anesthesia have worn off, the patient will be awake.

Make sure you speak with your dentist in Newmarket about your fears and concerns before your dental appointment. Depending on your situation, your Newmarket dentist will recommend the type of sedation suitable for you.

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