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Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

Air abrasion or microabrasion involves the use of a hand-held tool that releases compressed air and fine powder. It’s an alternative to the usual high-speed drills that are used to prepare teeth for restoration. The air abrasion instrument is powerful yet gentle enough that it can remove plaque and decay. Not only is air abrasion painless and quick, it doesn’t make the high-pitched noise that drills do.

As the air abrasion tool removes decay from a tooth, a suction tube ensures that neither you nor the dentist inhales the particles.

With the use of the air abrasion technique, patients will be able to rely less on anesthesia or numbing. It also has fewer risks compared to a drill. An air abrasion instrument will not chip or fracture teeth. It also will not give off any heat or pressure, and it’s gentle enough that it won’t damage any tooth tissue and gums.

With the application of this modern technique, you can be assured that our dentists in Newmarket will take care of your teeth.

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