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Top Advantages Of Using Porcelain Crowns Newmarket

porcelain crowns newmarket

Porcelain crowns Newmarket are created to recreate the previous, natural look of your teeth. As opposed to metal-based crowns, porcelain crowns are made to mimic your natural teeth. Therefore, they place more emphasis on cosmetic benefits. This is essential if you need a crown for your front teeth.


Why dental crowns are required?

A dental crown may be required to preserve and restore patients’ teeth that have had tooth decay or have undergone trauma. A porcelain crowns Newmarket could be something to think about if you:  

  • Just had tooth damage that occurred lately.

  • Need a pillar to support a dental bridge.

  • Want to straighten a misaligned tooth (to enhance your smile).

  • Partially chipped or broken tooth.

  • Have a split tooth,  knocked-out tooth, lost teeth or a partially dislodged tooth.

  • To fix a big filling that has fallen out or become loose.

  • To shield a tooth following a root canal.

In essence, porcelain crowns Newmarket fulfil the same role as conventional metal-based crowns. This role is to safeguard the tooth and offer a durable substitute that is both robust and functional.


What is the procedure for treating a porcelain crown?

Treatment for a porcelain crown often requires two visits. This is so that your tooth may be properly prepared for the placement of the porcelain crown at the initial appointment. This includes locating any weak areas of the tooth, removing them, and obtaining impressions to fit a temporary crown.

Your temporary crown will be removed during your second appointment (usually two weeks later), and your new custom-made crown will be fitted.


What exactly is a porcelain jacket crown?

A porcelain jacket crown often covers the whole tooth’s surface. As the name implies, jack crowns are used to cover and shield damaged teeth from the possibility of deterioration or additional tooth damage. The key distinction between veneers and jacket crowns is that veneers are glued to the front of your teeth. Also, they are just around 1mm thick. However, jacket crowns generally cover the whole tooth. Jacket crowns work better on front teeth.


Porcelain versus metal crowns.

Metal crowns are commonly made from cobalt-chromium, nickel-chromium and other metal-based alloys. Metal crowns are well-known for their durability and have been used in dentistry for a lot of years. Compared to porcelain crowns, they are the least prone to deteriorate over time and get chipped or broken. The rear teeth, which are hidden from view, are where most patients decide to place metal crowns. 

Porcelain crowns Newmarket, which are available in either all-ceramic or all-porcelain varieties, are made to look like the natural appearance of your teeth. Both are safe options for people with metal allergies and can be used for both front and back teeth.


Should I have a crown or an implant?

This is determined by the state of your tooth and the recommendations provided by your dentist in Newmarket. An artificial or prosthetic root known as a dental implant performs the same function as the root of a natural tooth. Where the root would be, the implant is inserted into the bone and integrated with the jawbone to provide a long-lasting and stable fit. 

In a sense, your implant serves as the base for your dental crown. They work together to mimic the structure and look of a natural tooth. While a crown can repair a portion of a broken tooth, it cannot fully restore a tooth without the use of an implant.


Porcelain crowns’ restorative advantages.

Crowns are used to improve the beauty of the patient’s smile as well as the performance of the patient’s teeth. A porcelain crown will truly improve the patient’s dental health when it is applied correctly in the mouth. The following are some advantages of porcelain crowns:

  • Restoring teeth with cavities or decay that are too big to be filled.

  • Tooth restoration for broken or damaged teeth.

  • Strengthening of teeth that have weak roots in the mouth or are fragile owing to illness or decay.

  • Restoration of damaged or proportionately undersized teeth.

  • Restoring the functionality of teeth that have undergone root canal therapy.

  • Crowns are an option for tooth replacement when using dental implant and crown.

  • The improvement of teeth that are badly discoloured or malformed.

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Porcelain crowns’ practical advantages.

All porcelain crowns Newmarket provide some noticeable advantages for dental health. These restorative prostheses may be placed in the mouth without having to remove teeth. When placing the restoration in the mouth, your dentist will save as much of the original tooth structure as possible. The dentist will do this while still building a solid foundation for the prosthesis. The efficiency of teeth is also preserved by maintaining the original tooth structure. Some of the most significant practical advantages of porcelain crowns are listed below:

  • Porcelain is quite durable. This kind of material has a 15-year lifespan or more.

  • Damaged teeth can be shielded with porcelain from further decay or injury. A porcelain crowns Newmarket can aid patients in maintaining a healthy tooth structure.

  • Occasionally, porcelain crowns might lessen a patient’s sensitivity to dental pain.

  • Porcelain requires very little upkeep compared to some of the other materials used to construct crowns. To keep your dental crown looking nice, just brush and floss.

  • Patients seldom face issues with porcelain crowns.

  • Crowns made of porcelain are quite safe. They may be formed to suit the patient’s mouth properly and come in any size or shape. Most patients quickly lose awareness of their crowns days after the operation is finished.


Schedule a visit for a porcelain crown.

It is always recommended that you seek the advice and treatment of a dentist if you have a persistent tooth issue. Scheduling an appointment can help you avoid spending money on costly future treatments. Our staff at Woo Dental Clinic in Newmarket will be able to determine whether you need a dental crown. They will assist you in selecting the material that is most appropriate for your needs.

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