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Gum grafting

Gum Grafting - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

Gum grafting is a fast and easy procedure that helps correct gum recession. The periodontist covers the receding gums with healthy gum tissues.  

When the gum tissue surrounds the teeth, it retracts or erodes. Teeth may feel more sensitive to hot and cold drinks when the gums recede. Gum recession happens gradually, and most people do not notice it until it becomes a severe problem. When gum recession is not treated, people can experience tooth loss. 

There are types of gum grafting that depend on the extent of damage and the patient’s needs. In some cases, the periodontist may not remove gum tissue from the mouth but instead, use a tissue bank. The periodontist may use a tissue bank as a source instead of removing gum tissue from a patient’s mouth. 

Connective tissue graft

This procedure involves the removal of a flap of skin from the patient’s mouth. The periodontist then removes the tissue beneath the top layer of the palate. To not expose the root, the periodontist stitches the tissue on the receded gums. 

Free gingival graft

Although free gingival graft is similar to connective tissue graft, free gingival grafts remove the tissue directly from the palate. In most cases, periodontists will recommend this type of draft if you have thin gums. 

Pedicle gum grafting

This method of gum grafting takes tissue directly from the surrounding gum line instead of the palate. The periodontist cuts a flap from the gums. The tissue is then pulled over or down to cover the exposed tooth root before being sewn in place.

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