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Gum and bone corrective treatments

Gum and Bone Corrective Treatments - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

The gums are composed of tissues found in the mouth at the base of the teeth. They are attached to the jawbone and protect the roots. Damaged gum tissues cause gum recession, exposing teeth to bacteria and plaque. 

Most people with receding gums are not aware of their gums’ condition. The following symptoms may occur when gums recede:

  • Change in appearance 
  • Losing teeth
  • Cold and heat sensitivity 


When gum recession is mild, you will not need treatment. Your Newmarket dentist will recommend preventive measures and will continue to monitor your gum condition. However, for people who need treatment, here are the procedures which they can consider : 

1. Composite restoration

The dentist uses resins to cover the surface of the roots. They will fill in the gaps or spaces in the teeth as well. In filling the gaps, they apply pink composite to the gums. 

2. Removable gum veneers

They are made of silicone and replace the missing gums because of the recession.

3. Surgery

The dentist transplants tissue to the mouth to heal the gum recession. Usually, this would only be required to treat severe receding gums.

4. Orthodontics

The treatment involves realigning the teeth and adjusting the gum margins. Orthodontics makes it easier to maintain clean teeth.

Does smiling in pictures make you feel embarrassed? Is your smile making you feel self-conscious when you speak? Do not worry your Newmarket dentist Dr. Michael Giannetti offers gum corrective treatments that can help eliminate gaps and make smiles look beautiful again! 

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