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Crown lengthening

Crown Lengthening - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

A crown lengthening procedure removes excess gum tissue, so the tooth’s natural structure is evident. Crown lengthening enhances the appearance of the smile. Also, it provides room for restorative dental work, such as porcelain veneers and dental crowns.

People with a “gummy smile” consider getting the procedure since crown lengthening reduces the gums making the teeth more visible when smiling. Furthermore, a fit crown allows more comfort and better oral hygiene. 

The process of crown lengthening

Periodontists perform crown lengthenings as outpatient procedures, which means you can go home afterwards. Depending on the number of teeth involved, the duration of the process will vary. 

During anesthesia, your dentist in Newmarket will cut the gums to expose the roots and bone under the gums.  Next, they rinse the surgery site with saltwater before suturing. They stitched the gums together and placed a bandage to protect the area. Although you will feel a little pain as soon as the anesthesia wears off, your periodontists will provide you with pain relievers and mouthwash for faster recovery of gums. 

The recovery time for a crown lengthening procedure is usually three months. During the recovery period, your periodontist will advise you to avoid physically demanding activities since it will cause bleeding on your gums. 

Are you considering crown lengthening procedure?The good news is that there are options for crown lengthening in Newmarket! You don’t need to live with an uncomfortable or embarrassing smile just because of one tooth. Contact your Newmarket dentist today. 

Bone loss

Bone grafting can solve the problem of losing bone, most especially in the jaw area. As bone mass decreases in the jaw, the face tends to appear shorter. When the jawbone loses a bone, your lips and muscles may appear distorted. Bone grafts can restore the shape of your face. 

Implants for missing teeth

The majority of people who receive dental implants are candidates for dental bone grafting. Dentists place an artificial root-shaped crew called dental implants. Once fixed, they put a crown on top of the implant.

Gum disease or tooth loss

As a result of bone loss, nearby teeth and gum tissue may suffer. The jaw stabilization with a bone graft can help prevent further bone loss and associated health complications.

Is bone grafting painful?

When bone grafting does not require using a bone from your body, the procedure is minor. During the process, your dentist will put you in sedation. While you are anesthetized, you will not feel any pain. You will be prescribed pain medications as you experience discomfort that can last for weeks until you have recovered. On the other hand, if the bone material used comes from your body, recovery is more painful as two areas are involved- your hip and jaw.

Contact your Newmarket dentist to know if you are qualified for bone grafting. Dentists in Newmarket offer the latest technology and create an individualized treatment plan that suits you!

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