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Antibiotic treatment

Antibiotic Treatment - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

Plaques on the surface of the teeth can cause gum tissue infections. It can result in tissue loss and tooth loss if left untreated. As with many forms of diseases, antibiotics can effectively treat periodontal disease. Your dentist or periodontist used antibiotics when they see the following conditions :

  • infection is severe
  • widespread of infection
  • weak immune system


In some cases, your dentist may recommend antibiotics alone or in conjunction with surgery. Aside from killing bacteria, antibiotics prevent bone loss. 

The type of antibiotic your dentist will use will depend on the type of bacteria that caused your infection. Dentists in Newmarket can prescribe dental antibiotics as pills or topical gel for use in or around the gum pockets. Among these antibiotics are:


Your periodontist prescribes this antibiotic if you are suffering from a severe gum infection. It is usually paired and works best with amoxicillin. 


This antibiotic fights against bacteria by reducing the inflammation that can destroy your tissue or bone.


Though amoxicillin does not kill the bacteria, it prevents the spreading and growth of bacteria in your teeth. 

Using antibiotics for your gum disease can help treat your infection. Your entire body is not affected when your dentist applies the antibiotic to a specific target. Moreover, you will experience fewer side effects.   

Don’t let plaque ruin your teeth forever.  Schedule an appointment with your Newmarket dentist to help you with all your dental needs. 

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