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Microorganisms and bacteria in your mouth could be both harmful and beneficial. There is no better way to stay away from diseases other than receiving treatment from your dentist.  When you neglect proper oral hygiene, you are more likely to develop gum diseases as well.

An infection of the gums characterized by inflammation and bleeding is gum disease. In some cases,   with home remedies and good oral hygiene, you can treat gum diseases.  However, people should note that gum diseases can lead to more severe conditions such as periodontitis if not treated early on. 

Take action right away if you have an oral disease like this. See your dentist every six months at the very least for preventative care. It’s also a good chance to inquire about the price of teeth cleaning. To get the most out of your dental cleaning, here’s what to expect: 

Basic dental cleaning

Before the dental cleaning services, your dentist conducts several tests. Your dentist will ensure that every corner of your mouth is checked for any signs of dental issues. Moreover, the dentist will ask you if you experience any discomfort in your mouth. In some cases, the dentist may also take an X-ray to examine your teeth and mouth. After a thorough evaluation, your dentist will proceed to teeth cleaning.

Deep dental cleaning

Your dentist will recommend deep dental cleaning if you are suffering from severe gum pocketing. Usually, a healthy gum pocket is 3mm from the teeth. If the gum pocket is more than 5mm, the patient is a candidate for this procedure.


The dentist may suggest flap surgery if inflammation persists. Flap surgery removes deposits that are beneath your gums. Your gums will be lifted away from your teeth to clean their roots. After cleaning, the gums are restored by stitching. In case of bone loss, your dentist may suggest bone grafting as a means of rebuilding it. 

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