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Periodontal Disease and Respiratory Disease

Periodontal Disease and Respiratory Disease - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

Several studies support the link of bacteria found in the mouth to spread in the lungs’ airways. Droplets from the mouth can be inhaled into the lungs, causing multiple respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The following reasons explain why periodontal disease and respiratory disease are closely linked:

  • Bacteria

A kind of bacteria, which causes periodontal disease, could quickly spread into the lower respiratory tract once it enters your oral cavity and can lead to pneumonia.

  • Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection. It can lead to discomfort and pain. It can contribute to the risk of lung infections by limiting airway passages in our lungs.

  • Tobacco

Tobacco is a significant contributor to chronic respiratory problems.  Smoking also damages the gums and the mouth.  As a result, gum pockets grow deeper.  

  • Low immunity

Many people who suffer from chronic respiratory problems have low immunity. Periodontal disease makes the immune system weak because of low immunity. Oral bacteria can attach themselves to the gum line and below without being challenged by the body’s defences.  In addition to accelerating the progression of periodontal disease, it also increases the risk of developing pneumonia.

Oral health plays an essential role in one’s overall physical condition. When teeth are not adequately cared for, they can decay and lead to other diseases. These ailments may harm your quality of life as well.

To know more about how your Newmarket dentist can treat your periodontal disease, schedule an appointment today and experience high-quality dental care.

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