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Causes of Periodontal Disease

Causes of Periodontal Disease - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

We all know that plaque is the leading cause of gum infection. Surprisingly, there are other causes that you are not aware of. Here are seven causes of periodontal diseases and how to prevent them. 

1. Smoking

Aside from the fact that smoking can cause other diseases, your gum tissues and mouth are more vulnerable to infection. Smoking prevents your gum tissues from working correctly. By quitting smoking, you can avoid a variety of health problems, including gum infection.

2. Hormonal changes in women

Female hormones increase during monthly periods and pregnancy. An increase in hormones makes the gums susceptible to diseases. Pregnant women will notice that their gums are red, swollen, and sometimes bleed during pregnancy. Females should provide extra attention to their oral health during this period. If these symptoms do not disappear after pregnancy, consult your dentist or doctor.

3. Medications on prescription

There are prescribed medicines that may result in side effects. These include saliva, which causes your mouth to be dry. When your mouth is left dry, bacteria can quickly spread. If you are taking any prescribed medications, it would be best to consult your dentist to know if it can affect your gum health. 

4. Chipped teeth

When your mouth is crowded, the plaque has more places to build up and harm your teeth and gums. To minimize gum infection cause factors like plaque, ensure that you brush and floss those areas more frequently.

5. Excessive plaque buildup

Plaque is caused by bacteria forming in your gums and teeth, with a lot of adults experience this. Improve your oral health routine and schedule a regular dental visit to treat plaque build-up early.

6. Lack of adequate nutrition

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for your gums, so don’t forget to get your daily dose. If you consume a lot of sugar and carbohydrates and are low in water and vitamin C, you may develop gum disease. You can reduce gum disease by drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy, vitamin-rich diet.

7. Genetic Predisposition

Despite observing good oral hygiene habits, people can still develop gum disease due to genetics. Based on studies, individuals who have a family history of gum disease are more likely to acquire the disease. Your dentist will advise you to have a genetics test done for preventive measures. 

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