Insurance Benefits

Do your insurance cheques come to the office?


Dear Loyal Patrons,

Dr. Benjamin Woo is happy to provide his patrons assignment service. Our office will continue to send your claim(s) to your insurance company on your behalf and there will be a “grace period” of 30 days that we will accept payment directly from your insurance company.

AT 30 DAYS, a statement will be sent to the Head of Household so you may follow up with your insurance provider and assist in having your claims paid.  We encourage you to call your insurance company and investigate the details of why the claim is still outstanding.  We will make every effort to assist in collecting this payment from your insurance provider.   

Otherwise, AFTER 30 DAYS the balance will be transferred to you and becomes your patient balance (including any unpaid insurance claims.  We will give you every opportunity to pay this balance via debit or other form of payment PRIOR TO THE 60 DAYS. 

AFTER 60 DAYS ANY BALANCE OUTSTANDING, will be processed on the credit card for the full amount automatically.

What you should know

YOUR INSURANCE POLICY IS A CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU, THE SUBSCRIBER AND YOUR INSURANCE PROVIDER.  Due to these constrictions and limitations, we have a policy in place for all of our patients who request Assignment of Benefits (payment directly from the Insurance provider to the dentist.) 

For this reason we have assignment of benefit policy.   You always have the option to be NON ASSIGNMENT.  For those who collect points, paying upfront and having the insurance reimburse you is a great way to collect points.  You can your collect points and your insurance will reimburse you at the same time.  If you do not wish to sign the assignment of benefit policy, this would also be the other option.

We appreciate your understanding and attention in this matter.


 Christine Mansell

Office Manager

 Notice Regarding Insurance Benefits

Assignment of Benefits


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