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Oral pathology

Oral Pathology - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

Oral pathology specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases related to teeth, gums, bones and muscles in your mouth. It is usually easy to see symptoms of oral pathology in your mouth. 

Here are the  general signs you can look at when you do a self-examination using a well-lit mirror in front of your mouth 

  • Red or white spots or lumps in your mouth
  • Sores or wounds that do not heal or occasionally bleed
  • Changes in the lips, cheeks, palate, tongue,  tissue, face and neck.
  • Gums that are inflamed, sore, or bleeding
  • Sore throat that can last for weeks or months

To determine the exact problem, you may need to consult an oral pathologist. He may require you to have a biopsy to check your condition further and review your medical history carefully. Following the oral examination, the patient will undergo a head and neck examination. Upon completion of the oral pathology test, the pathologist will determine what treatment is appropriate for you. 

Today, oral pathology makes it easier to diagnose and treat many diseases.  Whenever you identify any issue with your mouth, consult your dental professional right away. With oral pathology, you will be able to have a healthy, confident smile again.

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