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Newmarket Fluoride Treatment: Should You Consider It?

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Your teeth are not easily replaceable. You have to make sure to keep them healthy and free of cavities throughout. One way you can do to make your teeth stronger is by getting fluoride treatment in Newmarket. Learn about its excellent benefits in this article.

Benefits from fluoride treatments

  1. Prevention of root decay in adults

Our teeth weaken and become more vulnerable to oral infection, leading to gum diseases as we age. Fluoride treatment for adults is an effective way to strengthen the teeth. Thus, reducing the risk of getting cavities.

  1. Promotes remineralization of your teeth

Through the help of calcium and phosphorus present in your saliva, they remineralize or strengthen your teeth. However, your saliva is not enough. Additional fluoride treatment will help your enamel not break down for a long time. 

  1. Prevent the need for restorative dentistry

Is fluoride treatment necessary? The answer is yes. When your enamel is weak, the bacteria can eat away and lead to damaged teeth. Fluoride treatment can strengthen the enamel on your teeth, thus reducing the need for dental restoration like crowns and dental bonding. 

  1. Keep fluoride levels healthy

Drinking fluoridated water may help increase calcium and phosphorus levels in the body, but it is not enough. With fluoride treatments, they quickly strengthen the enamel since it is applied directly to the teeth. As a result, fluoride varnish can protect the teeth, especially for those with receding gums. 

Various fluoride treatment options

They are types of fluoride treatment which you can choose. 

  1. Topical fluoride treatments

They are in the form of toothpaste, rinse or gel, which you can apply by yourself or with the help of your dentist. The dentist will place the foam or gel in the disposable tray and let it sit in your mouth for a while in your dental appointment

  1. Systemic Fluoride Treatment

Rather than placing fluoride directly on your teeth, systemic fluoride treatments incorporate fluoride into the body via ingestion. It’s is an effective way to strengthen the enamel of the tooth. Kids with developing teeth typically benefit from it the most. 

Fluoride as a preventive dental treatment

Take advantage of fluoride treatment to protect your teeth. It does not only prevent cavities but also makes your teeth stronger. Schedule an appointment with your dentist in Newmarket to find out what type of treatment will work best for you. 

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