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Single tooth replacement

Single Tooth Replacement - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

If you have missing teeth and want to keep your natural teeth, dental implants are an excellent option for you. Depending on the type of implant and the condition of your jawbone, your Newmarket dentist will install dental implants differently.

Single tooth replacement does not affect other teeth. When the implant replaces the natural tooth and root, your bones and gums become healthy.  Implants can also keep the bones intact.

Here’s what your dentist in Newmarket does when replacing a single tooth:

  1. You will be required to undergo an x-ray during your first appointment with your dentist to have a clear picture of your tooth and jaw. 
  2. Your dentist gives you local anesthesia so you will not feel any pain during the procedure. 
  3. Next, the dentist places the artificial tooth on top. The procedure is also simple and not likely to cause any pain. 
  4. Once the dentist places the crown, it will enable you to use your teeth as you usually do. Your implanted tooth will function in the same way as your natural teeth. 

There is no doubt that dental implants are successful and long-lasting. The placement of a single dental implant may not only boost your confidence from an aesthetic standpoint. It will also help to improve your oral health. 

To find out more about the single tooth implant process and how it can benefit you, schedule an appointment with your Newmarket dentist.

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