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Leslie St Dentist: Chipped Or Broken Tooth Repair Guide

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Picture a scenario where you are chewing ice or hard candy at Leslie st without a dentist for oral care. Next, you sense that there is a hard object in your mouth that won’t melt or dissolve. Realizing it is a tiny bit of fractured teeth gives you a bad sensation.

The toughest, most mineralized tissue in the body, the enamel that protects your teeth, has it’s limits. A tooth can shatter or chip as a result of falling, being struck in the face, or biting down on something hard. Specifically, if there is any decay present in the tooth. Don’t freak out if you find out you have a chipped or broken tooth. Your Leslie st dentist has a lot of options for fixing it.



Treatment for a Broken or Chipped Tooth.

See your dentist in Newmarket right away if your tooth is cracked, chipped, or shattered. Otherwise, you run the risk of further damaging or infecting your teeth, which might lead to eventual tooth loss.

Try these self-care techniques while you wait:

  • Take acetaminophen or another over-the-counter tooth pain treatment if the tooth hurts.

  • Utilize salt water to rinse your mouth.

  • To prevent a sharp or jagged edge from cutting your tongue, the inside of your lip, or the cheek, cover the break if it has one. You can use a piece of wax paraffin or sugarless chewing gum.

  • If you must eat, choose soft foods and refrain from biting your fractured cusp or teeth. 

Dental care may be necessary for a cracked or broken tooth, depending on the severity of the injury. If only a little fragment of enamel was damaged, the restoration may be frequently completed in only one office visit. A severely broken or damaged tooth may need a more involved, pricy operation.


Techniques your dentist may use in fixing cracked tooth.

  1. Dental Bonding vs. Filling.

Your dentist could use a filling to fix the damage if only a tiny bit of tooth enamel has chipped off. Your Leslie st dentist will probably utilize a technique called bonding, which makes use of tooth-coloured composite resin. That is, if the repair is to a front tooth or can be seen when you smile.

In most cases, bonding is a quick procedure that doesn’t involve numbing the tooth. In order to make the bonding material adhere to a tooth, the dentist first roughens the surface with a liquid or gel. The dentist will next apply a resin that is tooth-coloured after applying an adhesive substance to the tooth. The Leslie st dentist uses ultraviolet light to harden the bonding substance after shaping it to resemble a natural tooth.


  1. Dental implant and crown or cap.

For broken tooth with a lot of decay, the dentist may grind or file away some of the remaining teeth. Next, the dentist will cover it with a crown. This is a tooth-shaped cap that is intended to protect the tooth and improve its appearance. Metal, ceramic, resin, or porcelain bonded to metal are all acceptable materials for permanent crowns. Different kinds provide various advantages. The most durable crowns are composed entirely of metal. It is possible to create porcelain and resin crowns that appear almost exactly like natural teeth.

The Leslie st dentist or an endodontist (a dentist who specializes in root canals) may conduct root canal therapy. Next, implant a pin or a post in the canal, then build up enough of a framework on which a crown can be created. That is, if the whole top of the tooth is broken off but the root is still intact. The crown can then be attached to the pin or post-retained restoration by the Leslie st dentist.


  1. Veneers for teeth.

A front tooth that has been broken or chipped can look whole and healthy again with the help of a dental veneer. Porcelain or resin composite dental veneer is a thin, tooth-coloured shell. It covers the whole front of the tooth, with a larger area to cover the fractured portion of the tooth. Much like how a fake nail covers a fingernail. 

Your dentist will remove between 0.3 and 1.2 millimetres of enamel from the surface of your tooth to prepare it. The Leslie st dentist will next take an imprint of the tooth. This will be transported to a dental laboratory where the veneer will be made. When the veneer is ready, you will need to go back to the dentist to have it placed. This is often a week or two later.


  1. Endodontic therapy.

Bacteria from the mouth can enter and infect the pulp of a tooth if a chip or crack is large enough to expose the pulp. The pulp is located in the tooth’s middle and includes blood arteries and nerves. Your tooth may be damaged or unhealthy if it aches, changes colour, or is sensitive to heat. If the dead pulp tissue is not removed, the tooth may get infected and require extraction. In root canal therapy, the dead pulp is taken out, the root canal is cleaned and finally sealed.

Newmarket residents receive complete, expert dental treatment from Woo Dental Clinic. Strong, healthy teeth begin with routine dental treatment. Do not wait for an emergency dental appointment. Book for a thorough examination and cleaning right away.



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