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Cracked tooth

Cracked tooth - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

Your teeth are prone to cracking. The bigger problem is that cracks usually do not become apparent until a bit of pain appears every time you chew. 

When you have cracked teeth, you may experience various symptoms, including intermittent pain when chewing or when exposed to extreme temperatures. Generally, dentists have trouble pinpointing which tooth is causing discomfort since tooth pain often comes and goes.

According to the degree of damage to the tooth, the type of treatment will vary. Find out what treatment is right for you by asking your dentist in Newmarket :


Suppose the tooth still has a significant portion of its original structure. In that case, your dentist might suggest you get veneers since they last for a long time and require little tooth removal. A veneer is a thin layer of plastic material designed to fit the front surface of the teeth.


In cases where veneers won’t work,  your dentist uses crowns instead. Dental crowns make the infected tooth stronger and appear more natural.


In this procedure, dentists fill the cracks with resin. Bonding repairs any small chip and returns the tooth to its original shape.

Cosmetic contouring

When the crack is small, your dentist opts to use cosmetic contouring where the edges of the teeth are polished to blend the fracture.

The good news is that cracked teeth do not last forever. There are treatments available, which will help you achieve a beautiful smile again. If your cracked teeth are causing you pain, schedule an appointment with your Newmarket dentist.

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