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Five Must-Read Facts About Dental Exams And Cleaning

dental exams - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

Oral and dental health affects your overall health and well-being. One of the best ways to improve your health is to have regular dental exams and cleaning. Many people think that regular brushing and flossing the teeth is enough to reduce the risk of dental problems. With dental exams and cleanings, your dentist can prevent many dental problems before they become irreversible.  

If you need help on dental exams and cleaning, here are seven must-read facts you do not want to miss.

Fact 1: Dental exams are more than assessing your teeth.

In general, dental exams can help detect early signs of decay. Aside from tooth decay, dental exams allow your dentist to check if you have symptoms of the following diseases:

  • Oral cancer
  • Gum disease
  • Multiple medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and lung disease

Your chances of developing these health conditions and dental problems will significantly decrease with regular dental exams. 

Fact 2: Dental exams and cleaning go hand in hand. 

An essential aspect of your dental exam is cleaning your teeth as well as your gums and mouth. Before starting your teeth cleaning, your dentist will first know your medical history. Knowing your medical history will help them evaluate your oral health.

Once done discussing your medical history, the dental exam procedure will follow.

  • Your dentist will examine your teeth to see if there are signs of any dental problems. You will also find out if you need additional treatment at your next visit. 
  • Checking your mouth, neck, and face is also part of the dental exam. Dentists conduct this step to determine if there are signs of oral cancer. 
  • During the dental exam, your dentist will also examine the alignment of your teeth and your jaw. To get a clearer view, they will use an X-ray to acquire an image of your teeth and detect possible bite problems. 
  • Afterwards, your dentist will clean your teeth. Using a scraper, they will remove any tartar or plaque on your teeth’ surfaces. Once done, they will floss and polish your teeth.

Fact 3: Dental exams and cleaning are not painful at all. 

Are you feeling anxious about your dental exam and cleaning? You do not need to worry because dental exams and cleaning will not cause you pain or discomfort. Your dentist in Newmarket will make sure that you are comfortable as you sit on your dental chair. 

Fact 4:  Your oral health will improve when you visit your dentist regularly.

Maintaining good oral health requires more than simply brushing and flossing. Perhaps you ask yourself how often you should get a dental exam? Your dentist may recommend a dental exam once a year and teeth cleaning every six months to keep your teeth healthy, depending on your specific needs. 

Fact 5: You will not spend a lot of time on your dental exam and cleaning.

Many patients delay their dental exam and cleaning, thinking that these procedures are complicated. How long will the dental exam and cleaning take? For dental exams and cleaning, it will only take 30-45 minutes.  If you have a buildup that requires a deep cleaning, your appointment may be longer. Regular dental care will keep your oral health in the best condition possible. 

Need help with dental exams and cleaning?

Without a doubt, regular dental exams and cleaning can contribute to the improvement of your oral health. Poor oral health can undermine someone’s self-confidence as well as their quality of life. Don’t wait for the bacteria to build up in your teeth, Schedule an appointment with your dentist in Newmarket to keep your pearly whites clean.

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Dental Exams and Cleaning

Dental Exams and Cleaning - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

Initially, your regular dental visit entails a series of examinations before the dental cleaning services. This includes a dental exam where every corner of your mouth is checked for signs of issues. Your dentist will also perform an X-ray to see the condition of your jaw and teeth that are not visible. Afterwhich, he proceeds with the teeth cleaning.

1. Eliminating plaque and tartar

The dentist scrapes off the visible plaque and tartar off your teeth. These usually linger on the lines between the teeth and the gums. You might notice slight bleeding in your mouth, but it’s pretty normal. The scraping noise might be irksome, however, it’s just an indication that you have plenty of tartar buildup.  

2. Electric brushing

Once done with the first step of a dental cleaning, your teeth will be brushed with an electric brush. Heads up –it has a high-power grinding sound. However, rest assured that it’ll not harm your teeth. The procedure is safe and painless. Your dentist would also use a slightly abrasive toothpaste to clean up after the scaling. 

3. Expert flossing

Regular flossing won’t beat how your dentist would do it. He expertly spots the areas where most of the tartar hides and removes them in a breeze. When he’s done with the cleaning, he rinses off the remaining debris of the removed plaque and tartar. 

4. Giving fluoride treatment

The final step with your dental cleaning services is a fluoride treatment. This shields your teeth from further threats of cavities making it essential. Fluoride treatment uses a foamy gel that’s applied on the mouthpiece that you need to wear for a minute. After the time given, you’ll take it off and your dentist would apply the fluoride varnish.

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