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Zoom teeth whitening is one of the more popular chairside bleaching methods because of how effective it is. This method of teeth whitening involves whitening gel and a blue LED lamp. Whitening may be recommended after getting veneers, bonding, or braces removal.

When inquiring about the Zoom whitening procedure, your dentist will first conduct an assessment if your teeth and gums are healthy enough. Your dentist may want to have a discussion about your oral hygiene and habits to know if this method is the best way to help whiten your teeth. Any existing dental work on your teeth will be taken into consideration, so be sure to discuss this with your dentist.

Once your dentist gives the go signal, a protective cover will be placed on your lips and gums. You will be wearing a fitting in your mouth to help with this. Next, a gelis applied to your teeth and then it is left to process for 15 minutes. At the same time, a blue LED lamp will be directed to your teeth to help the hydrogen peroxide in the gel. The hydrogen peroxide helps dissolve stains on your teeth. The gel is then applied again, about 2 to 3 more times. The entire Zoom whitening process takes under an hour.

While the results are impressive, they are not permanent.​ The same rules apply to non-bleached teeth to help keep them looking white and bright. You shouldn’t have any heavily coloured food and drink like coffee and red wine. You also shouldn’t smoke or chew tobacco.

It’s important to note that Zoom teeth whitening does what it says, but it does not prevent staining. If you’re interested in getting this done, talk to your dentist in Newmarket today for an appointment.

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