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Is the application of dental sealants painful?

The dental sealants procedure is painless and doesn’t take a long time to complete. In fact, it only takes about six minutes to apply sealant to each tooth. Having said this, your kids won’t feel anxious at all with this procedure. Here’s the step-by-step process of applying tooth sealants:

Regular dental floss and floss picks

Flossing is important because it helps clean in between your teeth. Even after brushing, there could still be food particles stuck in tighter areas. Floss can either come waxed or unwaxed, and as a spool or conveniently in a pick.

Floss picks are generally not as effective as regular floss. This is because they are shorter in length which means they don’t have the same reach. Still, either one is better than nothing. Floss picks are also good to use for people with hand mobility issues or restraints.

1. Cleaning of the tooth

Your dentist in Newmarket will clean the tooth surface to remove hardened plaque and allow the sealant to bond well. He will also brush the surface to clean the grooves and perform air abrasion to remove all other debris or food particles.

2. Conditioning of the surface of the tooth.

Next, the dentist will put etching gel to the tooth to prepare it for the following step. After a minute, he washes the primer away and dries it off.

3. Evaluation of the etching phase.

The dentist will then check if the tooth has a dull and frosty white appearance. This means the tooth is already dry and rough enough for the dental sealants to bond into it.

4. Application of the dental sealant.

He will now put the sealant on the tooth’s grooves with the use of a brush or syringe after conditioning. He will make sure that it fills the pits and fissures of each tooth.

5. Curing the sealant with a laser light.

When the application is done, it’s time to harden the sealant by directing a blue light over the tooth.

6. Final evaluation of sealed tooth.

The final phase of the dental sealants procedure is to evaluate the sealed tooth. This ensures that the coating isn’t bulgy so that the dentist will check the patient’s bite. If the patient complains that it’s hard to gnaw, he may polish the sealant to thin it out.

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