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Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic Xray - Newmarket dentists by Woo Dental

Panoramic radiography or a panoramic x-ray is a 2-dimensional dental x-ray. It shows your upper and lower jaw, basically showing your entire mouth in just one image. Dentists will have these done to get a complete view of your bone structure.

These x-rays help dentists find and identify any signs of cysts, tumors, jaw abnormalities and even cancer. The benefit of early detection is that treatment becomes less invasive and less expensive.

A panoramic x-ray is also one of the best ways to track progress when you’re undergoing treatment.​ For children, panoramic x-rays are used to assess any orthodontic care needs. Similar to teens and some young adults, panoramic x-rays can also help track wisdom teeth growth. In older adults, panoramic x-rays are important to help spot early signs of cancer and growths, as well as any TMJ issues.

Panoramic x-rays are recommended every 3-5 years. The process is quick, lasting only about 30 seconds. Talk to your Newmarket dentist on your next check-up about your next panoramic x-ray.

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