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The key to having excellent oral health is consistency. Here are a few things to incorporate into caring for your teeth and mouth at home:

1. Know when to brush your teeth

Experts will say that it’s better for your teeth if you brush them first thing in the morning. It’s been proven that it’s better to brush your teeth before ​breakfast rather than after. This is because when we sleep, bacteria builds up in our mouths which explains the universal morning breath. Brushing that bacteria out before breakfast not only cleans your teeth but adds a layer of protection for your enamel when you eat.

2. Cleaning your tongue

Plaque doesn’t just build up on your teeth but on your tongue as well. A tongue with film on it often causes bad breath. Brush your tongue when brushing your teeth, or use a tongue scraper.

3. Using mouthwash

Mouthwash doesn’t just help with bad breath, it also helps to clean any areas in your mouth that you didn’t brush over. Many people actually skip using mouthwash because they think brushing is enough. If you have specific oral health concerns, you can ask your dentist in Newmarket for a mouthwash recommendation.

4. Sticking to a routine

It’s not a secret that you’re supposed to brush your teeth at least twice a day. It’s important to take the time to care for your teeth everyday to prevent any issues in the long run. It’s best to brush your teeth before breakfast when you wake up, and before you go to bed. If you get food stuck in your teeth during the day, make sure to deal with it. Take the time to floss 30 minutes after your meal rather than waiting until you get home.

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